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Asian base ports to Northern Europe, Mediterranean, and Middle East base ports.

It's Good to Agree

Welcome to Agree Freight

Agreefreight is the only I.T. platform that offers container freight rates live online directly linked to a vessel’s sailing.

The whole process is completely transparent. We enable you to deal directly with container carriers: no middlemen, no co-load to co-load, no phone call, no e-mails, no faxes. So simple.

The service offers a multitude of ports and destinations which can be viewed in a matter of seconds. We allow you to search by cut-off time, ETD and, most important, ETA to meet your supply chain needs. Once you select a selling rate or if your bid has been agreed, you have ‘Agreed freight’. Following on, you will receive confirmation directly from the container carrier who will then process it.

Container shipping made easy.

Always remember, “It’s Good to Agree”

How It Works

From our homepage you can enter the port of loading and destination; this takes you straight to the exchange showing all sailings on the given route by ETD, ETA, Last Loading Day and price.

A carrier’s offers can be selected by clicking on their selling price. Complete the very basic cargo details to ‘Agree Freight’ and we will issue our reference, shortly followed by the container carriers’ booking reference which will allow you to follow the carriers booking system which may vary from Carrier to Carrier.

Alternatively, if you feel the selling price offered is not suitable, you can make your own bid. The carrier can then decide if they wish to accept your bid or not, If they accept your bid, you will receive the agreed freight and the Carriers booking reference.

No Show

This applies when rates have been agreed but the freight fails to be delivered to the booked vessel.

When more than 55 % of the booked cargo is delivered, you DO NOT have to pay any NO SHOW fee. e.g. if you book a 5×40 foot container and only a 3×40 foot container is delivered, you DO NOT have to pay any NO SHOW fee

If the carrier’s vessel is cancelled or the sailing date is delayed by 36 hours more than originally advertised, you WILL NOT have to pay the NO SHOW fee.

As this is a revolutionary way of agreeing and booking container freight, you will not be charged for your first three NO SHOWS. Thereafter, you must pay a 10% penalty within 7 days of our invoice date.

Once you are a regular customer and have a reasonable booked to ship ratio of containers these terms will not apply.

Hot Box

This is the priority service we offer with the following features:





If you cannot meet the standard cut-off time of a vessel’s sailing or need the cargo loaded on a particular vessel and/or need priority discharge at the destination, this is the service for you.